I believe in writing content that is clear, entertaining, and – most of all – connects with your readers.

I do this because getting more traffic and leads isn’t about sounding like you’re selling, selling selling; it’s about connecting with the person on the other side and making them feel something. 

Michelle Vogel, Atlanta copywriter at computer

Just imagine how it will feel when…

  • You can finally stop the stressful hunt for the right freelancer
  • Your old blog posts bring in leads overnight, without any extra effort on your part
  • You grow a targeted audience seeking exactly the value your product or service provides

Services I offer

  • SEO/Content marketing
  • Sales funnel
  • Social media management
  • Pinterest SEO and management
  • Copywriting
  • WordPress web design

“Michelle Vogel was a critical component to lifting a stalled enterprise off the ground.  Her energy and creative punch were a welcome guide and the project was rewarded with honest collaboration.  Ms. Vogel would likely be an asset to any venture in which she is asked to participate, and I greatly look forward to her joining forces with us again in the future.”

Patrick Cavan Brown, Photographer


If you’re just starting your business:

I’ve seen so many small business owners procrastinate putting themselves out there on the internet because they are just *so* overwhelmed by it all.

It’s true – marketing products and services online is no simple feat.

That’s why I created these packages — they’re for the small business owner who feels totally paralyzed by overwhelm but wants to get out of their own way and start selling online!

The Small Biz Startup Package


  • Customized Digital Marketing Strategy
  • WordPress website design and copy
  • Branding and logo
  • 3 SEO blog posts to get you started
  • Comprehensive and step-by-step Sales Funnel Plan tailored for your biz

The Small Biz Startup Package LITE


  • Four 1-hour consultations
  • Customized Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’re ready to level up your content marketing strategy:

You’ve been around the block. Maybe you’ve found success in the paid ads game but want to bring in organic traffic without constant effort.

Level Up Your Blog + Promotion


  • Everything in the Level Up Your Blog package PLUS…
  • Social media strategy and management (including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

Level Up Your Blog Package


  • 3 Longform (~1k words) SEO blog posts per month, including all research, images/infographics, SEO, links, formatting, and one round of revisions
  • WordPress management

I also offer a la carte services like one-off blog posts, Pinterest setup, and web copy. Get in touch for rates.

*Do note: In any case, my final quote will depend on your specific project needs!*