Mishvo in Motion Case Study

Web copy, Website design, SEO blog posts, social media management

Mishvo in Motion is my personal and travel blog. I started it in 2010 and moved it to WordPress.org in 2016.

I write about travel and the digital nomad lifestyle to inspire others on their journey to live a life authentic to themselves.

I’ve always used my blog as a place to learn and test all things content marketing! I wrote all the copy, designed the site in WordPress, created SEO blog posts, sent monthly email newsletters, and promoted my blog on social media.

Tasks and accomplishments:

  • Grew to over 275,000 pageviews. Tracked analytics in Google Analytics and Google Console.
  • Captured email leads; sent monthly newsletter through MailChimp with average 48.5% open rate and 11.3% click-through rate
  • Collaborated with 6 tourism businesses and brands to create sponsored and affiliate content.
  • Ranked on the first page of Google search for targeted keywords with a sitewide average position of 16.8.
  • Captured over 2,600 users from organic search per month on average.
  • Grew to a combined 17k followers on social media (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

SEO: Ranking in search

Is Sri Lanka a Good Place to Live as a Digital Nomad?

I saw an opportunity and wrote a blog post to help other digital nomads find resources as they lived and traveled in Sri Lanka.

I optimized the post to rank in the top 3 results on SERPs for terms related to ‘digital nomad Sri Lanka’

More SEO: A Country-by-country Reopening Guide for Americans

I stopped traveling at the start of the pandemic but wanted to continue to create content and provide value to my readers.

I myself had been trying to research which countries I could travel to as an American but was dissatisfied with what I was seeing in search results. So I wrote and published my own long-form SEO blog post: A Country-by-Country Reopening Guide for Americans.

The post ranked well and received traffic from Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo search even while competing with similar articles from domains with higher domain authority like CNN, Travel + Leisure, and Forbes.

Content ideation

Over the years, I’ve used my blog as a place to experiment and be creative. I’ve been inspired to write lots of different types of content. I wrote a lot of blog posts offering direct advice and value to other digital nomads and travelers (e.g. travel guides, reviews, FAQs about my lifestyle):

I also wrote some posts to simply express myself or inspire others. Here are some of my favorites:

I worked with a photographer to capture the portraits for my post, Koh Tao, Why Don’t You Love Me?
I showcase some of my own photography on my Instagram, like this image, which had over 7k impressions, 61% of whom were not followers.

Working with brands

I created a media kit and sent cold emails to pitch brands and businesses in the travel and tourism industry.

Working with other travel influencers

I collaborated with other travel bloggers on my blog so they would share the post with their audiences. This was good for backlinking purposes and growing my audience. For example, I put together this post during the pandemic featuring one of the world’s most famous and successful travel bloggers, Nomadic Matt: 6 Top Travel Bloggers On The Future Of Travel

I also submitted guest and collab posts on others’ sites to increase backlinks and grow my audience. For example, Leah from The Sweetest Way interviewed me for her blog and I contributed a piece of travel advice to the Packs Light blog (I’m #10)