DocJenFit Case Study

WordPress blog management, SEO content strategy & creation, Pinterest management

Freelance SEO writer sample of client work: DocJenFit homepage in computer

Jen is a Physical Therapist who helps people relieve pain, increase strength, and improve their quality of life through her online courses around mobility.

I started working with the DocJenFit team in December of 2020 as a Content Marketing Consultant.

The DocJenFit brand has a lot of engagement on media platforms like Instagram and YouTube and has had successful paid campaigns; the team wanted to repurpose and create new content that would bring in leads organically through search.

Doc Jen in yoga position

Tasks and accomplishments:

  • Convert ~25 YouTube videos to search engine optimized blog posts with over 1,200 pageviews in 2 months
  • Audit and revamp website design and copy to better provide value and serve customer needs; collaborate with web developers to improve technical SEO
  • Set up Pinterest account. Manage Pinterest SEO. Increased impressions of all content by 4500% with a total of 42.5k impressions in less than 3 months of active posting.
  • Strategize content marketing plan and write original longform SEO blog posts
  • Manage WordPress
  • Set up and track progress in Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Pinterest SEO and management

While Jen had a strong following on Instagram and Facebook, I noticed she wasn’t using Pinterest. I recommended incorporating Pinterest into her distribution plan and managed and grew the account myself.

I collaborated with designers to make standard and video pins.

After less than 90 days of active posting, we increased impressions by 4500% and engagements by over 8000%.

In that time, Pinterest brought over 240 new users to Jen’s Instagram and website combined. Compared to other social media acquisition on her site, traffic from Pinterest had the highest average session duration (2:40) and pages per session (2.13) suggesting organic high quality, targeted leads.