DocJenFit Case Study

WordPress blog management, SEO content strategy & creation, Pinterest management

Freelance SEO writer sample of client work: DocJenFit homepage in computer

Jen is a Physical Therapist who helps people relieve pain, increase strength, and overall improve their quality of life through her online courses around mobility.

I started working with the DocJenFit team in December of 2020 as a content marketing consultant.

The DocJenFit brand has a lot of engagement on media platforms like Instagram and YouTube and had had successful paid campaigns; the team wanted to repurpose and create new content that would bring in leads organically through search.

Doc Jen in yoga position

Tasks and accomplishments:

  • Convert YouTube videos to search engine optimized blog posts
  • Audit and revamp website design and copy to better provide value and serve customer needs
  • Set up and run Pinterest account
  • Strategize content marketing plan and write original longform SEO blog posts
  • Manage WordPress