#AlmaAta40 Case Study

Health communications campaign

Alma Ata report cover

In June 2017, I assisted with the strategy and implementation of a communications campaign to promote a World Health Organization (WHO) white paper about why and how the WHO should strengthen public health at the district level.

The campaign goals were to…

  • Get click-throughs to the white paper
  • Get people to join the live panel event in Geneva in person or through livestream
  • Recruit volunteers to the new work group to organize activities to honor the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Alma Ata Accord
WHO poster for AlmaAta40

Tasks and accomplishments:

  • Created a new Twitter account and content to tweet
  • Created visual content, including Twitter cards and a poster for print to advertise the event
  • Tracked click-throughs through bit.ly links
  • Compiled and wrote an email to ~1,000 targeted contacts about the white paper, event, and workgroup
  • Wrote a press release to announce the white paper and expert panel event

As a result of the campaign, we achieved the following in just a short 28-day period:

  • 9.3K impressions on Twitter
  • 133 clicks to the white paper PDF or landing page through email and Twitter outreach
  • A 3.3% click through rate (CTR)

“Michelle Vogel gets my vote as planet’s best public health communications strategist.

“I worked with Michelle to develop and implement a communications campaign for a WHO whitepaper. She helped with creating and distributing content across social media, a press release, an email campaign, and more – all on an extremely tight timeframe.

“Michelle delivered exactly what she said she would and I was extremely pleased to see we reached our click-through goals. I was impressed with her hustle under the time crunch and her ability to be flexible and adjust our strategy as things developed.

“I recommend her for any project that aims to take complex topics and make them accessible and interesting to the public, whether in health communications work or beyond.“

Dr. David Bishai

Dr. David Bishai, Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health