Lost in the Marketing Quagmire: Don’t Forget About Innovation and Creativity


Marketing is essentially understanding what people want and like and then making a product or service that fits that. Strategy is enormously important. In content marketing specifically, getting a behind-the-scenes look into site clicks, bounce rates, email signups, search terms and everything else is damn near essential.

It’s all so important, you could almost say it’s all you need in content marketing: a banging strategy based on what your target audience wants and what’s working.

But wanna know where the real magic happens? Where the real money is made?

In creativity and innovation. Henry Ford once said (you know what’s coming here), “If I had asked the people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”*

I mean that pretty much sums it up. If you only produce content based on what people say they want or what they show they want through their behavior you might never create anything new.

It’s absolutely key to keep the creative brainwaves open, keep letting yourself generate new ideas that haven’t been dreamt up before. And then take the risk to implement some of them and see what happens.

After all, once AI takes over everything, the only thing us humans will have left is our creativity. Might as well practice it 😉



*I don’t think Ford actually said this and from what I’ve seen, there’s more to the Ford Motor Company story, but I still think it’s a useful concept to think on.