The Backbone of Content Marketing (& How to Make Sure Your Content Has It!)

If you’re wondering what’s the big secret to ranking in search so you can grab the attention of targeted traffic…

…and you’ve been told you need to optimize for search using SEO, do backlink building, make your site as speedy as possible…

Then you aren’t completely off-track; these things are important. But the most important thing when it comes to content marketing? The backbone of it all?


Every single piece of content you produce should offer insane value to your ideal customer. This should come first and foremost. Google’s algorithm is smart — the whole point of it is to make sure people find the answers they’re looking for as conveniently and quickly as possible.

Your goal is to give people what they’re looking for. Give them the value.

I see brands create fluff content just for the sake of it or content that the brand wants to put out without thinking of what their customer would want to read and learn about. I see brands holding back or gating their content because they’re afraid of offering TOO MUCH value before securing the sale.

Don’t hold back.

I assure you if you can answer someone’s query as comprehensively and clearly as possible — if your content is just insanely valuable to your target audience — you will rank, domain authority be damned.